Mesquite and Oaks’ Brings In-House Smoked Barbecue To Downtown

Barbecue lovers, rejoice! There is a fresh addition to Downtown to satisfy your BBQ urge. Located at 856 N. 13th St. in downtown San Jose, Mesquite and Oaks is a new diner for barbecue enthusiasts. From in-house smoked barbecue to brisket hash, a Texan breakfast sandwich, and egg tacos are on the menu.

For lunch and dinner, you can order, sandwiches along with barbecue chicken that’s further served with barbecue sauce, grilled onions and peppers, and house-made pickles. Even meat plates are offered with choices like chicken leg quarters, hot links, spare ribs and pulled pork, which is served with varying choices of baked beans, potato salad, or house chili.

The restaurant has already go five-star rating out of its 15 reviews on Yelp. So, it seems to become favorite among local residents very soon.

Here are some of the positive reviews by the Yelpers:

  • Elvia G. said: “So good, me and my husband went last night. Will come back soon. We had the two meat combo…really good.”
  • Yelper Cin-Yee S. added: “Always on the hunt for the best Bay Area barbecue (especially brisket) and still mourning the loss of San Jose BBQ and Texas Smokehouse, so Mesquite and Oaks is a welcome addition.”
  • Nelly T. said: “What a great addition the neighborhood…The interior decor was homey and cute, and owners were genuinely welcoming and appreciative. Yup, go check them out and support our local neighborhood business. I’ll be back!”

So far the reviews seem intriguing and we’re eager to go there and try some of the recipes ourselves. If you live nearby or happen to be at the aforementioned location, do stop by for treating your taste buds.

Note: Mesquite and Oaks is open Tuesday–Thursday from 5pm–8pm, Thursday from 9am–2pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am–2:15pm, weekends from 8am–3pm, and Friday from 5pm–8:30pm.

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