Inditradition Camping Electric BBQ Grill For Relaxed Do It Yourself Setting

If you’re looking for an electric grill to make your barbecuing time for relaxed and entertaining, Inditradition Camping BBQ Grill is ideal for you. It is a portable stainless steel grill that comes with a broiler – for broiling, grilling, toasting and warming up your meal.

It also has a non-stick pan for cooking without burning your food. For even heat distribution, the grill has a voltage of 220v~50hz with 1000W power. Furthermore, chrome-plated four heat protective handle and Multitronic temperature control along with removable frying pan barbecue frame are good for both frying and roasting

The compact size of this grill makes it ideal for all your camping trips, BBQ time during picnics, or barbecuing at home in your backyard. It comes with adjustable temperature control knob that lets you choose from hive heat settings to get the best kind of food as per your cooking style and taste.

Another advantage of this handy grill is that even your landlord will approve of this, as it’s an electric device and won’t create any smoke in your house, unlike traditional BBQ grills. No, propane, no flare-ups, and no charcoal, only high-quality grilling for your family and friends.

All thanks to its no smoke feature, you can easily cook within your house every weekend or whenever you’re throwing a house party. So, no shivering outside in a cold weather to enjoy barbecued steaks. Now you can prepare desired grilled food within the comfort of your home.

Not just home, it’s ideal for travel also (as mentioned before). Just because of its compact size, you can easily carry it in your car’s trunk without occupying much space. This means you’re always ready for camping or picnics with this travel-friendly grill.

You can purchase it online on Amazon for INR 1,299 (approx. US $20).

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