JAG Eight: 3-in-1 BBQ table allows eight people to grill their own food

JAG Eight BBQ Grill

JAG Eight BBQ Grill

Now, you can keep the outdoor festivities going longer and let your guests grill their own food on this three-in-one BBQ table, dubbed JAG Eight. Dallas-based design and manufacturing company JAG has created this multipurpose outdoor patio furniture that serves as a BBQ grill, fire pit, and dining table for eight people.

The center of the table houses a grill, which can be transformed into a fire pit on cold winter nights. Earlier it was available in a smaller version for six people. But now the company has upgraded it to accommodate eight people.

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The grill/fire pit has been built to accommodate a wood or charcoal fire. The table features a side door where stainless steel grilling racks can be added. However, multiple wooden leaves surrounding the center grill can be removed, so each guest can grill their own food to their individual liking. So, no grill master has to miss out any interesting conversation while barbecuing their favorite meat or veggies.

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Everyone on the table gets a separate small grilling unit on which they can prepare their meal while chit-chatting with the entire group. When the guests are done using the flames for cooking purposes, the grill can be converted to an open fire pit after removing the central elevated dome.

Adding American twist to Japanese hot pot, this three-in-one BBQ furniture doesn’t come cheap. The JAG Six can be pre-ordered with a $500 deposit, whereas the JAG Eight starts at $2,500 price tag. In addition, a table cover can be purchased separately to keep the three-in-one grill safe from the outside elements. Both grills can be purchased on the JAG website.

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