Kankay Texas Timbal Portable Grill For Unforgettable Smoky Flavors

Kankay Texas Timbal Portable Grill

Do you often love to head out for a picnic, beach, or camping but without a barbecue grill? If you’re tired of carrying those portable but heavy grills, here is a lightweight solution—the Kankay Timbal. It is an interesting, lightweight portable grill that’s created to modify the concept of an outdoor kitchen.

The best part is that it is removable and easy to carry when you are on the move. It comes with three removable iron legs of two heights, a drum, a grill, and a base of the iron. Since this grill is small enough to fit anywhere, you can simply keep it in the middle while circling your chairs around it. This way, everyone can be part of the conversations while cooking at the same time.

Kankay Texas Timbal Grill Dimensions

This portable grill has a 60 cm timbal diameter, 15 cm wide cooking plate, and 30 cm grill diameter. Plus, the weight of the timbal is 48 kg, so it is easy to carry wherever you go. When you are done cooking, simply remove the grill and disassemble the legs for easily carrying it again. And, whenever you need it again, you can easily assemble it again in a jiffy.

Kankay Texas Timbal Portable Grill

Moreover, the cleaning is also very easy due to its compact and removable design. After you disassemble the grill, you can easily clean it with water and a sponge or simply a wet sponge – as you prefer.

Kankay Texas Timbal Grill And Griddle

Overall, it is a great wood grill to take the excitement of barbecuing outdoor while gathering with your friends. Maybe it’s camping. Maybe it’s tailgating or whatever outing you prefer, this grill is perfect to suit your needs.

Do you want to bring it home for fun outdoor cooking sessions? If so, you can buy it online for $699.


Kankay Texas Timbal Grill

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