Add An Artsy Spark To Your Kitchen Collection By Owning The Kara BBQ Grill By Cesarré

With the summers coming in, most of us are prompted to loosen ourselves from the shackles of the kitchen and cook in wilderness. Many of you might even consider throwing sumptuous barbecue parties for your friends and family. True – outdoor BBQ parties are counted among the most chirpy and happy events ever but setting up your garden or terrace for the same is an uphill task. And it is perhaps to make your garden look good as well as enable you to cook delicious recipes at the same time that Cesarré has come up with their fantastic Kara BBQ Grill.

Elegant and artsy, the Kara BBQ Grill is an innovative barbecue cook top brought to you by the French company Cesarré. Known for creating awe-inspiring outdoor decor, Cesarré’s newest presentation is the perfect combination of delightful visual elegance and scrumptious meals.

Made out of zinc-coated steel, the Kara BBQ Grill is a charcoal cook top that not only cooks up great recipes but is also a thing to showcase in your lawn, garden or backyard, wherever you are likely to throw your parties. Among its features, one will surely love its stainless steel grilling machine measuring 50×50 cm, which is perfect for cooking meals for many. Plus, its removable hearth makes the item a more useful one. The best thing about the structure is that it is absolutely heat resistant with a thermo-chromic black paint finish. Also, the BBQ grill is quite easy to clean and has a two-year warranty.

If you ask us about the one downside of the Kara BBQ Grill, it will have to be its weight. It weighs around 131 kg minus the additional 11kg. However, it is made out of the best quality stainless steel and is meant to be showcased in the open when not in use and not to be moved inside home. Considering all these, it is surely a worthwhile purchase for those who love throwing elegant barbecue parties at home. The modern sculpture cum kitchen accessory is priced at €5,400 (approx. $7356), and can be bought from here.

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