Kikkerland BBQ Suitcase contains a grill to barbecue food for two



Folks at Kikkerland knows the importance of portable BBQ grill in a camper’s life. That’s why they have created easy-to-transport charcoal grill contained inside a briefcase. This fold-out grill is a perfect summer accessory which is ready to cook for two people.

This portable grill allows users to cook chicken or any other food item, anywhere they want. An impromptu barbecue can instantly enhance your summer time during a picnic, a camping trip or an outdoor party. But to make it more convenient this briefcase-shaped grill has been designed to be your best compact travel companion anytime, anywhere.


To use it, you just need to open the suitcase to unfold charcoal BBQ grill and follow a few simple directions to set it up. It is made entirely out of stainless steel and includes a little ash catcher to keep the mess away. When you’re done cooking a delicious meal, you can just fold up the case, lock it, and move to your next destination.

It measures 12.52-inch long, 8.66-inch wide and 2.83-high, and weighs 4.32 lbs. This means it can easily be carried around with your luggage or kept in a trunk of your car without occupying much space.

It can be purchased online for US $70.99. You can either buy it for yourself or gift it to any barbecue enthusiast in your life.


Via: YankoDesign

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