Knister BBQ Grill Easily Hooks onto Your Bicycle Handlebars

Who doesn’t love barbecued steaks, especially in summer months? But the truth is that carrying a complete barbecue setup and fuel (be like charcoal or propane) to everywhere you’re moving is not quite feasible. While carrying BBQ grill or setup is easier in a car, but it’s not comfortable carry a heavy equipment when you’re riding a bicycle. To solve the woe of active commuters, Carolin Kunert, an entrepreneur from Germany, created the portable Knister BBQ Grill that can be secured onto a bicycle handlebar and easily carried to any desired location without any hassle.

It is a lightweight and compact grill, which is designed to make your outdoor picnics and barbecuing sessions much easier than ever before. This handle-mounted grilling unit is not only convenient to transport but also has enough space to store coals, while grilling racks take care of the cooking part. cooking is taken care of by a pair of steel grilling racks and a safe spot for your coals.

To set up the grill all you need to do is remove it from the handlebar when you arrive at your favorite location. Now, expand the grill to double its transporting size and enjoy the barbecuing session. After enjoying your BBQ grilling and perfectly grilled meal, the device takes only a few minutes to cool down and gets ready to be reattached onto the bike when you’re all set to go back home.

The unit has been cleverly designed to avoid any coal or dust particles from the grill to fly into your face while cycling. This happens because of the way two grills slide onto one another, closing he barbecue in a compact form.

According to Kunert, the team behind Knister is not trying to compete with other transportable BBQs available on the market. Their aim is to offer a practical lifestyle product that makes barbecuing time fun and special when you’re with your friends.

Available in two sizes, small and regular size, Knister Grill is an ideal grill for bikers and people who love active lifestyle but somehow had to compromise with their favorite food when on-the-go. But all thanks to this amazing grill, they can now enjoy their favorite BBQ anywhere they like.

It can be purchased from the official website for €110 (approx. US $129) – small size, and €135 (approx. US $158) – regular size.

Via: DigitalTrends

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