Kombuis Portable Camping Stove Looks Like a Steel Lunchbox

We have seen many portable and handy wood burners and camping stoves in the past few years. Some of them can literally fit into a backpack and even convert solar energy into heat for cooking. Now another thoughtful outdoor gear that has impressed us is a tiny Kombuis portable camping stove by Dutch designer Arnaud Desseyn Kombuis.

This minimalist cylindrical stove reminds us of a steel lunchbox that you can easily carry anywhere you want. It is designed with a neat and simple stainless steel chute for biofuel and it takes very less amount of effort to ignite a fire and keep burning unless a meal is prepared over it.

 Kombuis Portable Camping Stove

From boiling and cooking small portions of a meal for one, the user can even BBQ on it using the right BBQ equipment over it. However, it is perfect for solo travelers as it can cook for one person at a time. The best thing about this compact stove is that it also doubles up as a carry container. It stands about 16 cm tall and 12 cm thick when all packed up. When unpacked it can be used for different purposes as a pan, a pot, or a cover pot with a lid.

 Kombuis Portable Camping Stove

Coming to the stove, it consists of a side tube that’s attached to a hole at about 45-degree angle. It is further parted into two sections with a slide in its center. This section is to draws air in the lower section and the half grill is fixed in the base and the pot stands on the top portion.

 Kombuis Portable Camping Stove

Last year, this portable cooking stove was raising funds on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter and was pledged by 737 backers to bring the project live. It can be pre-ordered on request from the designer’s website.

For now, check out the video given below to find out more about this compact yet useful portable camping stove.

Source: By Arnaud


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