KORPÖN Portable BBQ Charcoal Grill By IKEA For Outdoor Grilling

KORPÖN Portable Charcoal Grill by IKEA

As soon as I hear the acronym BBQ, it makes my mouth water with saliva oozing out of my lips. Barbeque makes me reminisce about the good old memories. Whether, it is jaunting hill side and grilling steaks on a cushy evening or enjoying a fish grill on a beautiful beach day, a charcoal grill has been my best ally to keep my body energetic and my belly full.

However, all the charcoal grills, I’ve used or seen till date have lacked a brand name, which makes it really hard to trust whether it is worth buying or not. Well, not anymore, because Swedish furnishing giants IKEA have introduced KORPÖN, a portable charcoal grill for camping and hiking.

Korpon Charcoal Grill By IKEA

Serving as the perfect BBQ grill for outdoor use, the KORPÖN charcoal grill features a steel body. The upper part, lower part and the charcoal tray are made of steel and enamel, adding mechanical strength and glossy appearance to the BBQ, while the grill is made of stainless steel.

Design & Features of Korpon

KORPÖN is best suited for grilling small pieces of fish or meat. In case you are vegan, even sliced vegetables can be grilled with ease on its 28 cm (diameter) cooktop.

KORPÖN Grill design

The grate of the portable charcoal grill is designed in a manner that prevents these small meat or vegetable pieces from falling into the hot coal. The small little vents that the grill features increase the airflow in the bowl, leading to higher temperatures and resulting in fast cooking.

IKEA KORPÖN freestanding bbq grill
Image: IKEA

Thanks to its three-foldable steel legs with polyester powder coating, the freestanding charcoal grill can easily be packed and stored in a small space. Weighing just 2 kg, the lightweight of the charcoal grill makes it feasible for the user to carry it around.

Korpon Portable Charcoal Grill by IKEA

In addition, the portable charcoal grill also features a handle for the user to carry it conveniently. Measuring 19 cm in height and coming in black color, the item costs £19 or around 25$.

Korpon Portable Charcoal Grill by IKEA

Here is a summary of key features of Korpon grill:

  • Griddle and grills made of steel
  • Legs made of steel and polyester powder coating for protection against corrosion
  • Charcoal fuel powered burner
  • Freestanding, lightweight and handy design
  • Diameter 35 cm and height 19 cm
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Perfect for grilling meat, fish or vegetable in outdoor settings
  • Outdoor use only grill


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