KPot is Coming to Akers Mill Square in August 2023


Looking for the best Chinese hot pot with Korean flavors? Looking no further! Now, a Korean barbecue and hot pot concept called KPot is coming straight to Akers Mill Square at 2955 Cobb Pkwy SE in August this year. The pan-Asian eatery will be a more popular eating spot with the addition of different favors from cultures from various parts of the world.

What is KPot?

You may have understood by now that KPot is a unique dining cultural revolution that blends Korean BBQ flavors with traditional Asian Hot pots. Born by four friends of distinct backgrounds who wanted to combine their cuisines over a dining table, KPot is likely to offer a unique but flavorful experience to both BBQ and Asian food lovers. Unlike a traditional setting, one can enjoy KPot in a more modern nightlife-like atmosphere with a full bar. The overall concept is about gathering everyone together for a hearty conversation over amazing food.

What is KPot all about?

The Korean-style BBQ concept has been passed on to several generations in Korean history. The amazing Korean BBQ experience begins as soon as you light up the grill. When it comes to Korean BBQ, there are several meat options to choose from. You can choose pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and even vegetables.


While you may enjoy several side dishes during Korean BBQ, the meat is indeed the major attraction. The grillmasters first have to marinate meat and then grill it up while enjoying other Korean delicacies.

In an interview about KPot, Leo Zheng, one of the founders of KPot, said,

“We are always excited to bring a variety of Eastern cultures and food to the community. For example, this is Korean barbecue, and we also have the hot pot with a different soup base – Japanese Miso, and the Thai flavor, which is Thai Tom Yum, we’re also bringing in Chinese, it’s called Szechuan Spicy – so it’s just different cultural flavors and cuisine in the restaurant.”


Without a doubt, this new Korean BBQ-style hot pot will offer something for everyone – as it comes with an interesting 18-page menu. The menu includes soup bases and an array of fresh vegetarian food items, including tofu. Meanwhile, meat lovers can opt for pork, seafood, beef, chicken, and vegetables.

Like the idea of a fun atmosphere over food? If so, you can come to KPot with your closest pals to the eatery to have a memorable dinner.

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