Kratki Quadrum BBQ Horizontal Grill Is Your Luxe Outdoor Kitchen

Kratki Quadrum Wood Burner Grill

Do you often love to host barbecues and backyard parties for family and friends? If so, you will enjoy grilling food assortment on your patio or in the backyard during the summer. But for big gatherings, a portable grill won’t offer much help.

You need to invest in a large integrated BBQ grill that functions more like an outdoor kitchen. If you are seeking an exact unit like this, you’re in luck — Quadrum BBQ Horizontal grill by Kratki fits perfectly for this purpose.

Garden Grill With A Wood Burner

It is a professional garden barbecue unit that comes integrated with a grill and wood burner. The best part is that it combines everything in one. It comes integrated with a cutting countertop/board, a stainless steel grate, a practical wood cavity, and a handy storage compartment.

All these features make it not just a modern grill for your garden, but a fully-integrated outdoor kitchen.

Quadrum BBQ Horizontal Grill by Kratki

This BBQ grill unit is perfect to help you make amazing dishes in the comfort of your home. It comes with a stainless steel grate for conventional grilling. Aside from that, the plate around its wood burner is also great for cooking, mincing, or warming food.

This grilling unit also boasts a well-designed hotplate to make fat run to the center part. After usage, you can clean the residue using a spatula and further wipe it off using a damp cloth. Plus, its barbecue hearth will serve you all year round.

Kratki Grill With Wood Burner

Besides cooking, it also acts as a perfect garden fireplace. Hence, offers an effective heat source for cold evenings while naturally brightening up your outdoor space with a warm glow. Not just for gardens or backyards, it’s also ideal for terraces. Furthermore, it caters to an interesting decorative element that creates a comfortable and safe fire for a cozy atmosphere.

Coming to its design, the BBQ + fire pit boasts a solid steel construction that’s visually appealing, durable, and weatherproof. So, you can keep it outdoors without worrying about environmental factors damaging it.

For more information or price requests, visit the company’s official website.


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