Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Grill Encourages Traditional Cooking Styles

While indoor grills are not new to the world, this dual purpose Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Grill has been designed to encourage users to mix up age-old cooking styles with modern grilling equipment.

The elongated and reversible grilling unit doubles up like a griddle pan, which is quite similar to certain antiques that were used for cooking over 100 years ago. A century ago, people used a similar type of equipment for cooking or grilling on wood stoves.

However, Lodge grill is a modern version of those vintage grilling/cooking units for preparing cowboy-style meals.

Who all can use this?

Lodge cast iron grill-cum-griddle is ideal for preparing enough food for a family. It is of the size of two stovetop burners, so it’s good for small to large kitchens. This unit is suitable for indoor tailgating parties and in the homes of sports fans, who like to have a BBQ while enjoying their favorite game. You can enjoy the fun of grilling in your own kitchen, using this compact grill.

Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Grill

Features of Lodge Cast Iron Grill

* Measuring 20 x 10.44-inches, the reversible Lodge grill/griddle pan comes with easy-grip double handles.

* It has around 200-square-inches cooking area on one side. On the other side, there is a smooth, flat griddle pan.

* It boasts 23 grill marks for perfectly grilling chicken, vegetables, steaks, and fish.

* It is durable and heavy cookware that can easily last a complete generation.

* It weighs only 16 pounds.

* This cast iron grill is good for use with both gas and electric stoves.


Overall, the grill and the griddle pan combination has 400-square-inches cooking space on which you can cook food even for a large family. Since this cast iron grill is intended to last for many years, it is worth every penny you spend on its purchase. You can buy Lodge Cast Iron Grill through the company’s official website for the US $199.95.

Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Grill

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