This Low Table With Grill Makes Outdoor Cooking Enjoyable

Low Table with Grill

People have been enjoying cooking outdoors ever since the beginning of time. While earlier it was a necessity, now people enjoy outdoor cooking for entertainment with family and friends. That’s why outdoor furniture with integrated grills has become quite popular over the past few decades.

Recently, Argentina-based industrial designer Carlos González has come up with a sleek and stylish small coffee table with a grill. This is a perfect grill unit for cooking outdoors without any hassle.

Besides the grill section, this outdoor furniture also houses outdoor stoves. It even comes with separate shelves for storing wood and your favorite wine or food. Made of SAE 316 marine grade stainless steel body, this solid outdoor furniture boasts a galvanized steel sheet with ultra-high temperature paint coating. This makes the exterior of this unit durable and weatherproof.

Low Table with Grill

Perfect for outdoor BBQ session

Due to its sleek and perfect layout, this outdoor grill furniture is likely to become the focal point of any area where it’s placed. You can easily turn its mid-section into a grill by removing the top lip. So, it gives you more like a teppanyaki experience right in the comfort of your home.

The low table with grill is likely to offer you a unique dining experience that’s different from other typical BBQs in your garden or backyard. Plus, the cooking in its center will make your food preparation more fun and interactive among family and friends. Since the exterior is weather-resistant, you can keep it outdoors all season. However, we would suggest you keep it covered if it’s not in use.

Wood storage in low table grill

Nonetheless, it seems to be the perfect outdoor grill furniture to bring families closer while making the dining experience more enjoyable during summertime.

Want to learn more about this stunning outdoor grill for your backyard, lawn, or patio? If so, visit the official website right now to understand its design and layout in detail.

Low Table Grill Wood Racks

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