Pittboyz BBQ Creates Miami-Style, Slow-Smoked Pork

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Erick Briceño and Michael Honore, two 35-year-old owners of Pittboyz BBQ, have created delicious Miami-Style barbecue pork for their customers, using Jupiña pineapple soda. This new BBQ eatery has opened just behind the Calle Ocho’s Bar Nancy at 2007 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135, USA.

Obsessed with the Jupiña pineapple soda, these grillmasters were actually testing basting sauces for their new barbecue spot. They took about eight liters of the pineapple-flavored beverage and put it on the flame to make a thick syrup.

This syrup was further mixed with molasses and apple cider vinegar to make the mop sauce, which is a thin marinade served with the slow-smoked pork at the new BBQ corner.

At the new BBQ corner, they also prepare Georgia-style hybrid of grilling and smoking for baby-back ribs or whole chickens. With their unique Jupiña mop sauce and pork belly burnt ends, both grillmasters have invented an exclusive style of barbecue that would instantly give you Miami vibes.

How it’s prepared?

Honore firstly starts with the whole pork belly, which is braised and skinned for three hours in a condensed milk brew, cardamon, orange peel, cinnamon, and Jupiña. After that, it is extracted, cooled, and popped into a hot smoker again for three hours for rendering the fat. Meanwhile, the unctuous striped meat is filled with a strong dose of smoke. Lastly, this meat is portioned into bite-size pieces.

Whenever an order comes in, they simply throw a heap of the meat into a pan to make it crisp along with Jupiña mop sauce that reduces into a thick glaze. It is further served with a pickled onion or a coin of vinegar-infused carrot.

It is not something that you get at regular BBQ joints. It’s different and you must give it a try if you happen to be in Miami. There are many grillmasters who are coming up with their innovative BBQ recipes to draw more customers while experimenting with their favorite food. Such unique food items also showcase their creative side and their zeal to always bring something outstanding and refreshing for the BBQ lovers.

So, would you like to try this innovative BBQ recipe? Spare a thought in the comment section below.

Via: MiamiNewTimes

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