Cook Steaks Like a Royal With Miansai 14k Solid Gold Grill Set

We’re no sure how good your food will taste, but Miansai’s 14K solid gold grill set is certainly going to make you feel the royal grillmaster on the block. This fancy gold grill set is miles apart from a standard stainless steel grilling tools that often come with lifetime good services.

But wait, did we mention it costs hefty $65,000? Yes, you read that right. But the fancier part is that it comes with a fancy gold-plated bottle opener that also doubles up as a coaster. Moreover, this royal grill set would make you’re the talking point of the next summertime soirée.

Miansai 14k Gold Grill Set

Each of these grilling tools is made from the yellow precious metal. The 14-karat polished solid gold grilling pieces are not less than the essentials that you put in a display case rather than using them for making barbecue meals. Nonetheless, it’s one gaudy cooking equipment to show off your wealth and grill skills. It will also remind your guests about the regal status of as you grill like a king.

This precious set of grilling tools is crafted by Miansai’s founder and creative director, Michael Saiger. He is renowned for making luxury items like bags, watches, jewelry, and now food preparation tools.

Well, this is not the first time when someone has created such luxury equipment. In 2017, Russian luxury brand Caviar launched 18-karat solid gold fidget spinners that were priced at $16,855.

But we bet the Miansai’s 14K gold grill tools will be more useful to you than the fidget spinner. You can make the gold grill set yours by shelling out $65,000 on Miansai’s official website.

Miansai 14k Gold Grill Set

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