Microhearth Microwave Grill For Perfect BBQ-Like Results

Microhearth Microwave Grill Pan looks like a simple oven pot. But it intends to do much more than being a pan. This is a minimalist yet advanced kitchen equipment that can be transformed from a small appliance into full-fledged grilling equipment for preparing your favorite meals.

This ceramic coated device can sear meats, sandwiches, and vegetables. It even comes with a lid to accelerate its cooking capabilities while prevent splashing. It can block out the waves that are traditionally required for cooking food. Instead, it channels those waves into heat for preparing the surface for grilling BBQ meals with the perfect smoky result.

Microhearth Microwave Grill

This microwave grill pan can easily identify the need for outdoor cooking and helps users to prepare their favorite meals throughout the year even in smaller or limited living spaces.

How Does Microhearth Grill Work

When exposed to the microwaves, this device captures those waves within its ceramic core for converting them into infrared and conduction waves. It reverses the microwave’s actual process of cooking inside-out. In fact, this unit prepares your food “outside-in” to create BBQ-like results.

The grill plates can heat up 500 degrees Celsius, so you not only can sear meat but also toast bread and prepare sandwiches on its surface. It is indeed one of the best solutions for your all-time meals – bet it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Moreover, it retains the natural moisture in your food items to make them taste their best.

It works in four simple steps:

1. Firstly, put all the ingredients into the Microhearth Grill.
2. Put the lid on.
3. Set microwave on desired timing.
4. Take out your food and serve.

After use, you can easily clean up the device in a dishwasher.

Microhearth Microwave Grill


If you like the concept of this microwave grill and don’t have enough backyard space for grilling, you can easily grab this product on Amazon for US $59.99 or the official website for US $69.99.

Microhearth Microwave Grill

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