Miller Lite’s Beercoal is Beer-Infused Charcoal For Pilsner Loving Grillmasters

Miller Lite's Beercoal Charcoal

Do you love the summertime barbecuing with Miller Lite Pilsner in one hand? If you love to pair your BBQ food with your favorite Miller beer, Miller Lite has brought something special for you. This time they have released their beer-infused charcoal called Beercoal to add amazing taste to your summertime grilled meals.

With Memorial Day just around the corner, the brand decided to turn “Miller Time” into “Griller Time.” As the name indicates, the beercoal is a charcoal with beer flavor. The brand made it with their actual Miller Lite. They took the original Miller pilsner beer and further reduced it to a concentrate. This concentrate further coats the charcoals with beer.

Miller Lite's Beercoal is Beer-Infused Charcoal For Pilsner Lovers

The users can now dump the briquets in any barbecue firebowl and set them on fire. While igniting, the special charcoal infuses the taste of Miller Lite into anything you are grilling. If you are a true pilsner lover, you’d love your smokey food wrapped in the taste of your favorite beer.

Hopefully, it will make the summertime barbecuing even more fun and exciting. After all, summer is all about outdoor cooking and get-togethers along with grilling and some “Miller Time.” Since summer is also known as beer season, pairing it with the right food can make your drinking experience even better.

Therefore, the brand sees its Beercoal as an ideal way to start the summer beer celebration with BBQ while hanging out with your family and friends.

Since the Miller Lite Beercoal is now officially on sale, you can buy four-pound packs for $11.99 plus shipping through the company’s official website. According to Miller Lite, these special charcoal will be available until the supplies last. However, there will be periodic product drops online through May 27.

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