Napa Valley Train to Offer New BBQ-Bound Wine Tour This August

You surely cannot miss out on the breathtaking vineyard tour on the classic Wine Train when you’re in Napa, California. The Napa Valley Train takes you on several tours, and BBQ-Bound Wine Tour is one such interesting activity that’s perfect for wine lovers across Northern California to feast their eyes, as well as tummy with the best of their region.

This is tour is perfect for foodies as well as oenophiles while enjoying their summer weekend During the tour the train will head to Cochon555 Heritage Fire Napa, where delicious wood-fired barbecue is served by professional chefs. But for this fun event that will be held at Charles Krug Winery, you need to wait for a little more till August 26. We’re sure the wait will be worth and on the day you’ll be served with over 3500 pounds of smoked meat roasted by over 50 professional chefs from different parts of the world.

About Napa Valley Train

The company offers exclusive wine tours in a gorgeous train outfitted with a luxurious interior. You can enjoy the journey overlooking the outside views while listening to pleasant music and pleasing your taste buds with delicious food that’s served in elegant dinnerware.

Some delicacies of the train include Rosemary-rubbed Lamb Carpaccio, Yellowfin Tuna Tartare, toasted sesame, avocado, chile- white soy vinaigrette, Arbequina olive oil, Honey-Fennel Cracked Mustard Pacific Salmon, Brown Butter Seared Corn Bread, Cabernet Braised Short Rib of Beef, crispy shallots, buttermilk Anglaise,aged parmesan, caramel corn, and other dining delights.

As it’s a vineyard tour, so it’s not possible that you won’t be served with the world’s best wines. You can enjoy wines prepared at various wineries here at some reasonable prices. There you can also see 1915-era Pullman Cars that reminds the guests of the earlier times. His exhibit is displayed in a warm aesthetic interior boasting classic furniture upholstered with bright colored fabric, mahogany woodwork, velvet draperies, brass fixtures, grapes-etched glass partitions, wool beige carpeting, and restrooms with marble countertops.

Famous tours in Napa

Taking you back to the bygone era, the Wine Train now heads to different tours three times a day from Raymond Vineyards, Vista Dome, Gourmet Express, Grgich Evening Estate, Quattro-Vino, and Ambassador Winery Tour.

However, we’re all excited for the upcoming vineyard tour with BBQ offerings.

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