Portable NOMAD BBQ Grill + Smoker Packs Like A Briefcase

BBQ lovers are always on the lookout for something more convenient and versatile. The NOMAD Grill is one such charcoal grill that packs the functionalities of modern grilling and smoking in one portable design. This grill and smoker is portable, has a sleek modern form, and has a small form factor.

Storage trunk shaped NOMAD grill and smoker

This storage trunk shaped grill is made from cast aluminum and weighs just 28 pounds (12.7 kg); and you can take it on camping, hunting, fishing or simply use it around the backyard. Its anodized finish protects the surface from spills, chemicals, and corrosion, making it extremely durable.

Portable Nomad BBQ Grill + Smoker Packs Like Briefcase

The honeycomb design of the grill is brilliant, as it distributes heat intelligently on the inside, while minimizing heat dissipation on the outer shell. Hailed as The Holy Grail of grills, the NOMAD grill features patented SurfaceSafe tech and king-sized cooking surfaces.

Grilling and smoking food with NOMAD charcoal grill

The inside cooking space offers 212-square-inch for smoking various foods, or you can double the area with an open-grill mode. It provides ample surface for cooking, where you can barbeque steaks, ribs, or burgers. For smoking, you can close the lid to regulate the built-in intake and outtake vents to adjust the airflow.

Portable Nomad BBQ Grill + Smoker Packs Like Briefcase

Once you are done cooking, you can shut down the lid and close the vents to extinguish the charcoal fire. As the grill cools down completely, you can fold it up into a small briefcase. The NOMAD grill + smoker has magnetic clutches for securing it in place, making it hassle-free to carry around.

Portable Nomad BBQ Grill + Smoker Packs Like Briefcase

Supporting the nomadic lifestyle, this modern design will prompt you to ditch the oversized barbeque grills. Even if you like to host good-old fashioned BBQ parties in your backyard, this is an ideal match for you. The NOMAD Grill + Smoker will cost you $600 including one grate, while a second grate will come for an additional $128.




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