Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bag Prevents Congealment of Meat Pieces into BBQ Fire

Cooked grilled food is fun, but we surely wail over the loss of that juicy shrimp, pepper kebab, or a delicious piece of asparagus that accidentally falls from the grill grates into BBQ fire. Not anymore! Charcoal Grill has introduced a practical Non-Stick Mesh Grill of all our grillmasters to eliminate the clot or loss of meat parts to BBQ fire. All thanks to this clutch-style mesh bag, you don’t have to worry about scraping hard on the grilling grate to remove congealed food or the smaller pieces falling through the grilling unit.

This is a heat-resistant grilling bag, which is meant to make things easier for you by holding tiny food items like veggies, shrimps, or other smaller meat slices to cook properly. All thanks to this small unit, you don’t need to struggle with skewers for small food pieces, or wrap them into a foil for grilling. Just put everything you want inside the mesh bag and you’re good to go.

Made from PTFE mesh, this grilling bag is able to withstand about 600 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. Moreover, its non-stick coating makes it easier to remove even the most delicate part of the meat without sticking anything within the mesh. Another advantage is that you can put everything in one bag and easily flip it over as many times you like to perfectly cook the strips chicken wings, bacon, or sliced vegetables.

Just like a small clutch bag, this one too comes with a button closure for letting you lock food items inside without any risk of falling out. The small holes or mesh-like design on the grill bag is to let meat pieces impart the delicious smoky flavor through flames, while the unwanted seeds from veggies can easily fall off from these tiny holes.

Even cleaning of this mesh bag is quite simple and easy. You can just throw it into a dishwasher for cleaning and reuse whenever you like. Unlike aluminum foil or wooden skewers, this non-stick mesh bag can be reused as many times as you like, hence it’s quite an economical product for campers or nomads.

The non-stick grilling bag is available in two sizes – small (9.4 x 5.5 x 0.4-inches) and medium (10.6^x 8.7 x 0.4-inches). So, you have got options to choose any one or both as per your preference or the amount of meat you’re about to cook. After use, it can easily be packed in your backpack or stored in your kitchen drawer without clogging space for other kitchen items.

If you want one, don’t wait and simply head to Amazon for purchasing it for US $20.

Via: CoolThings

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