OCQ Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen – Your Perfect Little Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t love living outdoors – throwing pool parties, relaxing in the open and even cooking in the open? And when it is summer time, all of us get geared up for outdoor picnics, road trips, camping and even grilling a laid back meal at our own backyard or lawns. This is what perhaps prompted Michael Schmidt of OCQ – a kitchen manufacturing company – to come up with an exciting cooking technology that marries that art of barbecuing outdoors with the entire process of cooking. Lo and behold! Please welcome the Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen.

The Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen resembles an archaic BBQ, which is derived from the tradition indoor barbecues. The entire set-up measures around 70 x 28 x 11-inches. However, since it is quite durable and easy to be installed as well as uninstalled, you have the liberty to shift its position as and whenever you feel like. Stone panels of 10mm thickness make up the counter top, which is glued to the stainless steel structure at an angle of 45 degrees. Two three-legged trestles made of solid wood provides the much-needed support to the entire structure.

The best part of this structure is the three-legged trestles which are made to withstand all weather conditions owing to its wood oil treatment. Furthermore, the Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen comes with a kitchen sink, a flat platform for making cooking preparations and a grilling section offering both charcoal and gas combination. Also, when you’re done with making food, you can enjoy a hearty dinner or lunch with your entire family and friends right on the cooking platform.

OCQ understands that water may be required every now and then to cook food – so, you can attach any garden hose supplying water from an external medium to the kitchen sink for a healthy and unperturbed flow of water.

Such fantastic features and innovative concept made the OCQ Bbqube Outdoor Kitchen the winner of Interior Innovation Award in 2014. The cooking platform comes in two different shades – Stainless Steel Version with a matte black finish and Graphite Brown Version with satin-finished limestone. You may choose either of the two and enthrall your guests by throwing a lavish and tasty BBQ party!

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