Philips Smokeless Infrared Grill Lets You BBQ All Year Round

We all love BBQ that’s why we have ended up on this page. Earlier we only have to wait for summer to enjoy our favorite grilled food, and the cooking was restricted to outdoor areas. But all thanks to various indoor smokeless grills that we’re able to grill our food inside our home without any hassle. Philips Smokeless Infrared Grill is another handy device that offers you a healthy, easy and delicious way to prepare grilled food within the comfort of your home.

This unit uses indirect infrared rays, which are emitted from its elements along the interior edges, for cooking. The dripping tray is just below the grilling section and helps to collect juices so that smoke is not formed while cooking.


  • The best thing about this grilling unit is that it gives to the perfection of an open fire grill while eliminating smoke. It reaches 446 degrees Fahrenheit in just 6 minutes. This means no long waiting for the device to heat up for cooking.
  • One thick steak can easily be prepared to medium-rare in about 7 minutes per side.
  • The device features two racks: a nonstick barbecue grid for ribs, bigger meat pieces or burgers, whereas, a steel wire rack is ideal for grilling vegetables and fish.
  • Its compact design is easy to clean after use, and the heating element is even dishwasher safe.


  • The grill gets very hot that you almost feel the heat on your face while cooking. So, it cannot be used under cabinets, unless you want them to melt down.
  • While putting sauces or juices on meat some of it gets onto the heating element placed near the grill. This further leads to a little smoke when you’re cooking. Therefore, you cannot put sauces on meat when cooking in this device.
  • The design may look compact, but it’s quite bulky. This makes storage a bit tricky – especially for the ones who live in a small apartment.


You can purchase this indoor grill online on Williams-Sonoma for $300.

Via: HuffingtonPost

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