Pirate’s Treasure Chest BBQ Is Definitely Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

Pirates, pirates’ ship, their eye bands, their dark theme – everything about the archaic pirates seem like a dream theme to us. Thanks to the Pirates of Caribbean series, we are glued on to the pirates more than ever.

From donning pirates’ garb at themed parties to getting pirates gears (think of bags and tees), the pirates’ theme is perhaps the most-loved among all across the globe. Now, this love for everything pirate-y transmitted to a BBQ grill – and there you have your Pirate’s Treasure Chest BBQ Grill.

Yes; you heard it right. Innovated and custom-manufactured by Randy McKnight of the California-based firm Fire Sculpture Art, the treasure chest BBQ grill as been crafted out of heavy steel.

Pirate’s Treasure Chest BBQ Grill has a baked-on powder coat finish which enables the entire structure to withstand the high heat emitted while grilling meats and vegetables.

One of the catchiest features of Pirate’s Treasure Chest BBQ Grill is that it’s bulletproof – what if other pirates target such an innovation? And then comes the price tag – if you wish to get your hands on such awesomeness, you should be ready to shell off $11,500 from your pocket. Got a mini heart attack? Well, treasures are really worth it, isn’t it?

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