Portable, app-enabled Uber Q grill alerts users when food is ready



Enjoy your favorite grilled meat or veggies anywhere or any way you want – all thanks to the portable Uber Q grill by Asado Group. It is an app-enabled grill that lets the users know when it’s time to flip meat, and also alters them when food is ready.

The problem with some technology-loaded BBQ grills is that they are heavy, hence, can only be used in a lawn or a backyard. But inverted triangle-shaped Uber Q is both portable and infused with technology, providing you the best of two worlds. So, it makes outdoor meals convenient and efficient than ever before.


Charcoal barbecue at its core, this small grill comes with an array of metal attachments to help you prepare a variety of recipes with ease. For instance, it enables you to roast a rotisserie chicken, fry bacon, prepare shish kebab, and also to cook eggs and other small items. The modular grill has around 1.7-square-feet of total cooking space and can be set up in five different positions. When not in use, it can easily be folded flat for easy storage.


As mentioned before, it comes with a smartphone app, which keeps users updated about cooking process, sends temperature updates, and also lets them set cooking time as per their preference. The grill also comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers, allowing the users to enjoy cooking with some music.

Currently, the Asado Group is seeking $83,815 on Kickstarter to get the Uber-Q to the production phase. It can be pre-ordered now for $153.



Via: InsideHook

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