Carl Buddig & Co. and Kingsford Unite Over Pre-cooked BBQ Meats

In 2017, Carl Buddig & Co. signed a multiyear agreement with charcoal brand Kingsford to produce precooked BBQ meats. Both the companies are working hand-in-hand to upscale the production of its growing product lineup to meet customers’ demand. The new product can be purchased from a manufacturing facility in the Chicagoland area. The 280,000-square-foot site is the fourth Carl Buddig production facility in Illinois. It will be used to help service current and future needs of our customers.

The benefit of precooked barbecue meats is that these can be enjoyed without the need for grills. This means you can take your prepackaged meats anywhere you desire and eat it even if you don’t have a grill without you for cooking. These are an easier way to enjoy food on-the-go when you’re too tired to set up the whole thing and prepare cooking for yourself and your family or friends.

The BBQ meats are packaged in Grill Ready Pans so that it’s convenient for the user to simply heat them up and enjoy their meal whenever they desire to have barbecued food. What makes their meats more valuable is the fact that these precooked meats are preservative-free, and also free from artificial flavors, and other food additives. These contain only the simple ingredients for taste and don’t have anything that’s not good for your health.

In an interview, Tom Buddig, executive vice president of Carl Buddig, said:

Kingsford is a highly respected brand across categories with exceptional consumer awareness. This partnership is a natural fit for Buddig, as we continue to grow our product line of fresh, great-tasting meats. We’re excited to expand our line of pre-cooked barbecued ribs and entrées under the Kingsford brand while continuing to drive synergies with their barbecue sauces, flavored charcoal, and grilling products.

Sadly, the precooked meats are not available all over so far. But we’re sure these meats would be worth all the waiting.

Via: Businesswire

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