Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner For Bristle-Free Grime and Grease Removal

While everyone talks about enjoying perfectly smoked barbecued meat during summer evenings, nobody really considers the mess created after preparing a BBQ meal. It’s easier to swipe way the food crumbs on the ground. But it takes a lot of effort to clear out the stubborn grease and grime accumulated in your grilling surface.

Don’t worry! Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner is here to resolve all your barbecue grill cleaning woes. It is a stainless steel scraper brush that comes with Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning Wipes to complete eradicate the tough grill grime and grease.

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner

The best thing about this handy cleaning tool is that it is bristle-free and wire-free. So, you don’t have to worry about the fallen brush bristles sticking to your food during the next grilling session.

How to use?

1. First of all, you have to remove the moist Q-Swiper wipe from the packaging to wipe off the bottom of your Q-Swiper barbecue brush pad. Now position the BBQ grill brush at the center of the wipe and wrap each side of the wipe around the grill brush. Put the wipes into the rubber inserts for securing them.

2. Start cleaning the burnt-on food grease and food particles that are stuck onto the grill. The grill scraper features side grill grooves for helping you to easily clean the grill grate between the bars. However, you must avoid using the grill scraper for cleaning the porcelain coated grilled to prevent chipping of its coating.

3. Firmly press and swipe the grill of grease, dirt, and grime. Make use of the side handle for cleaning between the grates of the grilling unit. Now, you can remove the wipe and start cleaning grill scraper with its unsoiled portion. Discard the soiled wipe and store the clean grill scraper until next cleaning session.

Benefits of using Q-Swiper Cleaner

* You can enjoy delicious food without any greasy remnants from your last grilled food.
* The cleaning wipes are hydrated with a food-safe cleaning agent for absorbing firs and grease from the surface.
* The cleaner’s 3D cleaning nodules are used for removing the burnt remnants and grime from the grilling surface.
* A clean grill prevents the build-up of pests and insects makes a healthy and save surface for preparing homemade BBQ.


You can purchase the Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set online for US $14.99.

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner

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