iBBQ Unveils Quadra Machine BBQ To Enjoy SocialGrilling

These days we find everyone busy on their smartphones, even on dining tables. Due to this, the time that we often used to spend with family over meals is also vanishing slowly. But a company called iBBQ has realized this and brought the concept of SocialGrilling to our homes. With the introduction of their latest product Quadra BBQ machine, families can happily disconnect from their electronic devices and enjoy a perfect social BBQ grilling experience.

It is the ultimate BBQ grill to help us reconnect with our loved ones around the hybrid outdoor dining table-plus-BBQ-grill. This means that all people sitting at the table can interact while enjoying their favorite food on the table. Hence, it gives you a truly interactive and immersive dining experience like no other.

For centuries, the Japanese teppanyaki and hibachi tables, as well as Korean barbecue tables, are known to bond families around a table with an integrated grill. Now, this trend is also becoming popular in the United States. After all, throwing barbecue parties in the summer has been a tradition in the US going on for decades. But unlike the Japanese and Korean tables, the US BBQ session often kept the host to a corner behind the grill, while others have a blast around the grillmaster.

However, things are about to change in the US as well, thanks to the iBBQ Quarda grill machine. Not only, this new grilling machine is patent pending for its gorgeous design, but it is also a very versatile modern piece of furniture for the outdoors. Being the pioneers of bringing the latest trend of SocialGrilling to people’s patios and backyards, this new grilling machine will make even the 21st Century parties a lot more fun and inclusive.

Quadra BBQ

Some of the major features of this new grill table are comfortable seats for eight people, two U-shaped burners, and a stainless steel grill cover to turn the Quadra grill into an outdoor dining table. You can power the grill with natural gas or liquid propane. Furthermore, its four isosceles triangle grates are easy to remove for cleaning after use.

This outdoor grill table is also reasonably priced at $3,999. So, just consider bringing it home to change the way your family entertains and interacts over BBQ sessions. Find more information about this SocialGrilling table on the company’s website.

Quadra BBQ

Quadra BBQ

Via: PRNewswire

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