R2-D2 BBQ Smoker – The Best Way To Smoke Up Your Barbecues To Perfection

Smoking up barbecues into succulent and delectable grilled meats is indeed an art. If you are a lover of barbecued meats, you would well know what we are trying to say. However, if you’re a newbie to cooking and BBQ’ing, don’t lose hearts for the R2-D2 BBQ Smoker will help you smoke up your grilled meats and accompanied veggies like a pro.

Created by Star Wars fan, Philip Wise from The New Wookie Workshop with aid from TheForce.net and Rebelscum.com, this smoker adds a quirky little spark to your backyard or your favorite BBQ space. The smoker has been constructed out of a 55 gallon old drum and is perfect for┬ásmoking Ewoks, Gungans and other lesser lifeforms. Don’t forget to add dollops of Imperial BBQ Sauce to wrap up the goodness.

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