Rexmartins’ Professional Barbecue Suite Adds Comfort of Kitchen to Outdoor BBQs



Just in advance of summer season, commercial catering equipment supplier Rexmartins has brought a full range of professional barbecue suites for you (Rexmartins’ Barbecue Suite). This professorial BBQ range is actually an entire kitchen island to help you prepare perfect BBQ recipes outdoors, without missing the comfort of your indoor kitchen.

With the help of the stylish professional barbecue modules, you can prepare any sort of BBQ meal outside your house for as many guests you’ve invited for a birthday bash or an anniversary, or just to celebrate your success.

In an interview, Nick McDonald, Rexmartins’ commercial director, said,

In terms of sheer power, the gas barbecue at the heart of this system is on a par with many commercial chargrills; it’s a truly professional piece of kit which is built to take the knocks. And the various suite configurations we offer provide operators with a versatile system for serious outdoor catering.

What he has said is true to a great extent because the professional suite has everything that you usually find in your modular kitchen – from cabinets, to wash basin, to the refrigerator. So, there is no need to rush here and there to get water, food suppliers, or frozen meat steaks when preparing BBQ outside your home. You can even clean your hands and dishes after work on the BBQ kitchen island itself. It is basically a full-fledged indoor kitchen replica for preparing outdoor BBQ meals.


The range includes three suite configurations, BBQ suite-gas bbq, sink and refrigerator + cabinets; BBQ suite-gas bbq, sink and wine cooler + cabinets; and BBQ suite-gas bbq, charcoal bbq, sink + cabinets.

All the barbecue suites include the company’s RSG008B-AD freestanding gas barbecue, which can be purchased as a stand-alone unit. All these different modules are made from corrosion resistant grade 304 stainless steel, hence, perfect for withstanding any climatic condition.

The three modules have similar 26.4kW gas barbecue module and dimensions of 3900cm x 630 x 1160 cm. Each unit consists of six main stainless steel burners, each can be controlled independently. There is also an infrared rear burner and a copper side burner for preparing sauces while cooking meals.

What makes each module different from one another is the presence of different kitchen equipment or appliances. One unit includes wine coolers, whereas the second one has as a refrigerator. The third module comes with a hand wash basin and charcoal grill.

No matter what additional benefits these suites offer, the major purpose of each module is to bring outdoor BBQ experience indoor in a grand manner. We have earlier seen various indoor grilling and BBQ equipment, but all are compact and cannot prepare meals for a huge family or a home party, at once. But these professionail BBQ suites are everything you require for outdoor cooking.

For more information and to send price request quote , you can directly contact the company’s professional team through their official website.


Via: CateringInsight

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