Riga Brazier Barbecue Table is Perfect For In-House BBQ Parties

Riga Brazier Barbecue Table

Riga Brazier Barbecue Table is must-have patio furniture for those who often organize in-house parties. Created by French brand Cesarré, this ceramic outdoor furniture piece cultivates a refined and elegant design. It includes an integrated BBQ grill in the center which works well with wood and charcoal.

You can use this square-shaped table as a barbecue, or simply to sit down to chit-chat with your guests around the spectacle of the flames. This table’s design is very simple and sleek so that it doesn’t cause any problem while grilling. It also includes Argentine stainless steel grids for easy handling while ensuring perfect cooking.

Riga Brazier Barbecue Table

Beneath the table, you’ll find a small section for burning charcoal, along with a separate grease collector to catch dripping fat. It basically takes care of your every cooking need that’s kept in mind at the time of construction of this wonderful BBQ table.

When not in use, you can conveniently conceal the BBQ section of this table with a flat ceramic lid. This makes it look like any regular outdoor dining table. When you flame the BBQ section, the table gets ready for a good grill session while keeping you warm on a chilly winter evening.

Firepit burning on Riga Brazier Barbecue Table

With this BBQ table, the grill master will always be a part of the conversations without missing out on any fun moment while cooking. This makes it an ultimate furniture piece for outdoor parties. Meanwhile, gives a refreshing look to any outdoor space.

Riga Brazier Barbecue Table

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