Rising Grill Korean Barbecue Allows You to Cook Yourself on Tabletop

While there are many restaurants that serve good quality mouth-watering barbecue food, Rising Grill Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Cleveland offers barbecue-it-yourself tables to the restaurant guests. It is a perfect eatery for those who like to prepare their barbecue on their own. This gives them liberty to choose their own ingredients and add a specific amount as per their liking.

Located at 3709 Payne Ave. Cleveland, OH 44112, the restaurant has quite dilapidated exterior but the interior is decorated with colorful paints that remind us of ginger and papaya. You can see BBQ-yourself tables right as soon as you enter the restaurant. You can come here with your whole group and immerse yourself in the smoky aroma of grilled meat, garlic, and other spices you’d like to add to your recipe at your personal table.

To help the guests, there is a friendly staff that guides your throughout the cooking and post-cooking procedures. They bring out lettuce wraps, bowls, and other side dishes and cutlery that you may ask for enjoying your meal. The restaurant also offers some chef-made dishes like some tasty BBQ combinations, named S2. With S2, you are served a big platter to fill up our carnivorous tummy. This particular dish includes marinated beef short rib, spicy pork, beef ribeye, and some slices of chicken breast.

Along with your meal, you are also served with some dessert, egg custard, tofu, fiery kimchi, and other delicacies. One of the must-have dishes at the restaurant is “kimchi,” which prepared from zucchini, daikon and other seasoned and vinegared vegetables. The menu also includes some delicious fishcakes, whole-dried anchovies and more. The dishes here are not always the same – they keep changing according to the weather and owner-chef Byung Im’s preferences.

If you love experimenting with your barbecue recipes and want to try some really good Korean BBQ food, this place must be on your list. You may visit here on Monday (11 a.m.-10 p.m.), and Wednesday through Sunday (11 a.m.-8:30 p.m.). However, the restaurant remains closed on Tuesdays.

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