Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese Perfect For Barbecue Season

Champignon North America has introduced a new no-melt Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese in different formats for grilling. Since grilling is popular summer trend in the U.S., the company wanted to come up with something useful for barbecue grill lovers.

This new grilling cheese comes in two varieties. One is the soft-ripened cheese that can be put directly on a hot grill for making your food crisp outside up. On the other hand, the second variety is the semi-soft cheese that’s marinated using five herbs in oil. All thanks to these different types of grilling cheese, North American grilling consumers can enjoy different flavors with burgers, meat, and sausages.

Rougette Bonfire Cheeses

When placed on the heated grill, the Marinated Grilling Cheese becomes soft and can be cooked with any desired dish – be it a salad or hot dips. According to the company, Rougette Bonfire grilling cheese is less salty and creamier compared to Halloumi. It also makes a great topping for any vegetable or can be used to make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

While many people are excited about the new flavors of these new cheeses, the company believes that another interesting feature is its packaging. The package comes with complete instructions on how to use both the cheeses for preparing different dishes.

Rougette Bonfire Cheeses

Mike Hatch, Executive Vice President of Sales, said, “The packaging is what’s really exciting because we’re really drawing attention to how we actually use the cheese,” Mike revealed. “And so the outside of the packaging has got fire and grill marks on the product so it’s drawing attention to the entire category of grilling cheeses.”

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