Route 96 BBQ Restaurant in Victor Cooks Steaks in Traditional Smoker

Keeping the traditional touch alive and to bring the original taste of smoked meat to the customers, Route 96 BBQ restaurant in Victor cooks meat in the traditional smoker. You will not find an outdoor smoker here, instead, there is a custom-made smoker in the kitchen.

According to the owner, Tim Archetko, one cannot just rush or cut corners to run a successful barbecue restaurant. One needs to put in all the efforts and hard work. To maintain the authenticity of the smoked food, the chefs at the restaurant ensures that logs are constantly added to the smoker for ignition to create perfect woody and smoke flavored meat.

In 2005, Archetko started Otto Tomotto’s, which is an Italian eatery, and quite a popular place in the Phoenix Mills Plaza. He also runs another steakhouse called Meat & Tomotto’s, and Route 96 is the third business that took him eight months to develop. The restaurant can accommodate 40 people at once and has warm, rustic appeal.

The biggest task for the owner was to get a custom-built smoker that’s built in Texas. This is because the builder has to completely disassemble and further reassemble a tailor-made smoker. The highlighting feature of the smoker, apart from its meat cooking section, are the nine sides where others things like veggie fries, carrots and sweet potatoes, and other small food items can be prepared simultaneously.

At the restaurant, they never refrigerate meat and reheat it. They only prepare food with fresh meat and with the leftover meat they create “yesterday’s hot sauce” that often changes every day, depending on the meat available on a particular day. The BBQ restaurant has an interesting menu, which even includes desserts ($6), large salad bowl ($12), and sandwiches ($11 to $12).

Located at 6385 Route 96 about two miles to the east of Victor, Route 96 BBQ restaurant is a must-visit eatery for barbecue lovers. The restaurant remains open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Tuesday to Thursday). On Friday and Saturday, the restaurant remains open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and it’s closed on Sunday and Monday.

Via: Democrat&Chronicle

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