The New Smoking Gun BBQ Grill Calls For Some Great Action At Your BBQ Party

With the summer season blooming to their full glory, it is time for going out in the sun and enjoy grilling sausages and burgers while grooving to music. In short, it’s time for the BBQ parties to commence. And when it comes to lively BBQ parties, you do need a great cooking aide to grill succulent meats on. Of course, your standard grilling machines are always there but who doesn’t want something extra? This is exactly where the Smoking Gun BBQ Grill comes into play.

Resembling a Smith & Wesson Magnum 500 revolver, this efficient grilling machine is a delight for everyone who loves a quirky and old Hollywood touch to their BBQ space. You would be surprised to know that this giant grilling machine is the creation of five students of welding from the Standpoint High School – of course, with the grand aide of a local firearms dealer in Idaho.

The Smoking Gun BBQ Grill has its barrel which opens up not to add bullets but pieces of meats for grilling. Also, it is equipped with tires for easy shifting across the terrains.

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