KFC to serve new Smoky Mountain BBQ chicken burger for enthusiasts

KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ

People’s obsession with fried chicken is real and all thanks to KFC we often get to taste ‘finger-lickin’ good food. Now the fast-food chain is again expanding its menu and this time for barbecue enthusiasts. Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to delight the BBQ-obsessed people in Indianapolis with its new Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken: Extra Crispy chicken that will be served with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.

Blending recipes from Memphis and the Carolinas, this barbecue chicken is something that you’ve had before, but with a different twist. Barbecue recipes are often connected to place. This region is known as the barbecue belt that stretches across the southern United States and includes the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and Texas.

The Smoky Mountains separate Tennessee from the Carolinas, however, KFC’s Smoky Mountain BBQ is blending some of the best flavors from these different regions. Around 95-percent of US consumers are BBQ lovers, so they’re likely to fall for this new treat.

KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ

According to Mike Wesley, KFC U.S. senior marketing director,
It takes Smoky Mountain magic to combine our crispy fried chicken with sweet, smoky BBQ that appeals to the masses. We took our one-of-a-kind flavor to Indianapolis—outside of the barbeque belt—to test its broad appeal.

Smoky Mountain BBQ is available in Indianapolis for a limited time in Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles, and Extra Crispy Chicken. It is being served in several participating restaurants that will also offer the new flavor in Kentucky Grilled Chicken and Hot Wings. Soon after the test market, KFC will decide when Smoky Mountain BBQ will be available across the U.S. Additional test markets for Smoky Mountain BBQ include select restaurants in Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Smoky Mountain BBQ follows the successful introduction of KFC’s spicy and smoky Nashville Hot Fried Chicken, and the sweet and tangy Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ. KFC always tries to bring something to innovate for consumers, so we’re expecting the recipe to be as good as its other recipes.

KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ

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