Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Expands as per Grillmaster’s Preference

Grilling in summer is something that we simply can’t do without. However, one problem with portable grills is that they are not able to accommodate much food items or other cooked objects when you’re cooking for a whole family or larger group of people. But to change that Snow Peak has created expandable Iron Grill Table that extends to as large as the grillmaster prefers its grill inserts to be attached. This means they can easily use this one unit for preparing food for an entire family, as well as a whole street.

Designed to look like a piece of furniture, this grilling unit can be easily set up in a backyard, living room, garden, or anywhere for tailgating. Yes, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The clever design of this grill table consists of six wooden panels that can be fixed together to form the shape of a table integrated with a stainless steel double grill. The wooden panels can be easily attached or detached with the help of different IGT inserts.

For now, there are total 14 IGT inserts available with a single unit. These different inserts include a double burner stove, a single burner stove, a single grill, a griddle, a double grill, a storage box, a half-unit tray, a stove joint, a single-unit tray, and two bamboo countertops.

Measuring 37 x 16 x 16-inches, the grilling table is made from natural teak wooden panels, and stainless steel frame along with a storage case for easy transportation. It can easily be arranged to a specific height for cooking and enjoying your meal on the table itself while sitting on camping chairs, and low-slung beach chairs.

Price at $449.95, the useful Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim is perfect for cooking and communing in nature or at your home. Moreover, the product is durable enough to last longer than your lifetime. Probably, you’d like to pass it down to your next generation.

Via: CoolThings

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