Space Grill is Perfect For BBQ Consumers With a Good Appetite

Recipient of the honorable Australian Good Design Award 2016, SpaceGrill is the full-sized barbecue for enjoying good meals with your family. It is the world’s first three-burner, a full-sized grill that’s designed specifically for people with a strong appetite for BBQ and grilled food, and also for homeowners with little or no outdoor space for barbecuing.

This fold-away BBQ (640mm x 480mm) comes with three separate rotary stainless steel burners, which can either be mounted on to a vertical stand or a wall. Whether you have a compact terrace or a small garden area, or a balcony, you can enjoy BBQ anywhere with this full-sized yet compact BBQ unit.

Space Grill

Space Grill has been indoor approved and can also be installed anywhere outside your house. The patented design is easy to pull down from its vertically installed position to create a horizontal cooking space. This enables the users to get their grilling unit ready within just 10 seconds. Its fold-away design is quite practical and maximizes the outdoor or indoor space, when not in use.

Weighing 35kg, this wall-mounted grill comes integrated with inbuilt handles its either sides. It can even move in-between the positions just with minimal effort. Moreover, it is easy-to-clean and maintains. The grill comes with an internal drip feature to ensure the excessive fat is captured in a pivoting drip tray. The unit has a shallow cavity that makes cleaning every surface and corner of the grill very easy.

Space Grill


  • It turns from space to grill within just 10 seconds.
  • The full sized grill has 640mm x 480mm cooking area, and also consists of a chef grade stainless steel grill and a ceramic-coated cast iron plate.
  • The unit has a convertible splash back that converts into the lid for enclosing the Space Grill when its folded down.
  • It is highly durable as it made out of weatherproof stainless steel.
  • The mechanism can easily be detached and relocated any time you want.

The Space Grill retails in Australia for $995.00 AUD, including VAT. Find out more information about the grill and its purchase on the company’s official website.

Space Grill

Space Grill


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