The Brand New Spare Tire BBQ Grate Allows You To Cook Succulent Recipes Anywhere

For everyone who loves to go on impromptu road trips and camping, here’s a special device for you, which shall allow you to wrap up succulent kebabs and barbecued meats in just no time. And the best part is that, you need no extra space to carry it. Yes – you heard it right! The product comes from the house of Front Runner and is a grate-like BBQ structure that is designed to be fitted into any spare tire! It is called the Spare Tire BBQ Grate.

This special type of BBQ grate is designed to save space and be extremely handy at the same time. Besides, the good news is that it can be fitted to a car’s spare tire of any dimension – from 29 inches to a whopping 37 inches. Another noticeable feature of the Spare Tire BBQ Grate is that it is built out of high define stainless steel and has three structured steel legs for support.

Additionally, it also has separate grill and griddle sections, which allows you to choose between grilling or cooking your food. Whenever you want to cook, you just have to pop out the grate from your tire – and after you’re done, just pop it back to place. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re someone who loves going on camping and believe in fuss-free travels, the Spare Tire BBQ Grate is the perfect thing for you. You can get hold of one at $137 from the Front Runner website. Being handy, it is also quite easy to clean. So, wait no more and get your dream barbecue maker today!

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