Spitfire BBQ Is Compact Yet Handy Grill For Outdoor Pitmasters

Spitfire BBQ Grill

Nothing beats a summer of barbecuing in the outdoors with family and friends. However, you also need a perfect grill to fire up your favorite food.

If you often travel outdoors for camping or road trips, you may require a compact and portable grill. Therefore, today, we’re familiarizing you with a Spitfire BBQ Grill that’s easy to set up and easy to carry to any place you want.

This BBQ grill set comes with a grill and cast iron rack for professional roasting. Plus, the patent design helps in preventing flare-ups, as well as capturing liquids. The grill is also coated to ensure protection against rust.

Since it is easy to assemble, this outdoor grill enables you to cook outdoors efficiently—whether you are in your backyard or at a campsite.

Cooking food in outdoor with Spitfire BBQ Grill

The overall layout and design of the grill is robust and well-engineered. This particular grill comes with a spacious cooking area to help you cook steaks and veggies at once.

For fires, you can simply put in wood planks that make cooking healthier than gas grills and faster than coal. With wood as fuel, the unit offers constant fire to prepare a wide range of smokey dishes in the comfort of your private outdoor area.

barbecuing with Spitfire grill

The BBQ experience has changed the lives of consumers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more urban homeowners seek to spend quality time with their families while preparing their favorite meals. Be it at home or outdoors.

Spitfire BBQ Grill is your perfect barbecuing unit to make your family time even more special.

Its portable and compact design has a 40 cm grill diameter and the total weight of 8.5 lbs. This makes it easier to take this barbecue unit to any place you want while satisfying all your hunger needs.

Want this sleek and compact barbecue unit for your outdoor cooking experience? You can purchase it online for $92.

Cooking grate of Spitfire BBQ Grill

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