Stars Wars Tie Fighter Gas Grill – Innovation At Your Disposal!

If you are a fan of Star Wars, you are simply going to fall head over heels in love with the latest BBQ cooker that we present to you. It is the brand new Star Wars Tie Fighter Gas Grill.

A cute little BBQ cooker that resembles the Empire’s Tie Dogfighters, the cooking device is manufactured by the Broil Chef. This officially licensed Star Wars themed barbecue cooker is made out of cast iron with a good 220 sq inches of cooking space. What’s more mesmerizing about the Star Wars Tie Fighter Gas Grill. is that it is absolutely portable – the Tie Fighter “wings” unfold for preparing food and you can grill anything from Bantha burgers to Dewback Ribs. It also comes with an inbuilt analogue thermometer to get the desired temperature for cooking. As its name suggests, it is a gas cooker, which use propane to cook succulent and delectable meat.

So, cook with the might of galactic empire on this Star Wars Tie Fighter Gas Grill. It’s only downside it that it lacks any security system that shoots lasers as and when someone tries to steal succulent steaks that you freshly cooked on it. Get one for yourself from Amazon now! It will set you back by $400.

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