Sthule Grill Prepares Delicious BBQ with Minimal Effort

Sthule compart grill is a new revolutionary design by a Spain-based team to help you prepare amazing homemade BBQ with less effort. If you were earlier fed of controlling temperature on your old grill, this new invention comes with SmartGrate technology that lets you cook various foods at varying temperatures – that too without burning it.

Its ability to control the temperature with charcoal helps you cook with precision. This is one major element that was earlier missing in most outdoor cooking devices. Within this new creation, the inventors are hoping for a big change in outdoor cooking equipment.

Sthule Grill

This compact grill comes integrated with DualGrill, which is a two-part technology, for heating two sections simultaneously at different temperatures. This BBQ grill can also be used for roasting your baked food, as well as searing, sliding, and slow cooking.

Sthule Grill

The smart grill features an automatic ignition system with a compact fan for heating the cooking surface within 5 minutes. This inbuilt fan pushes hot air via charcoal for faster and completely smoke-free cooking. It is even integrated with an automatic booster for accelerating its ignition time while replacing a chimney starter.

This state-of-the-art grill also has removable parts for easy cleaning. It even has inner baskets and stainless steel grids for cleaning the device in a dishwasher. Moreover, its wireless design enables users to grill anywhere they want to prepare a perfect smoke-free barbecue.

Sthule grill is an epitome of technology, innovation, and aesthetics. Its design team has worked hand-in-hand with an engineering team to create this unrivaled grill series that offers best in appearance, as well as functionality.

If you want this temperature-controlled grilling unit in your house, you can purchase it for €260 (approx. US $325). For now, you can watch the demonstration video below to see how it works.

Via: GeekyGadgets

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