Tabla Compact Camping Grill Comes Attached to a Trekking Pole

Grilling with Table camping grill

How do you imagine camping in the woods? Probably with a pitched tent among trees and a fire pit with a grill on the top for cooking your favorite steak. However, carrying a separate fire pit with a grill or a portable grill alone is a hassle.

After all, you are already carrying a heavy rucksack and with a grill, you have more weight to tag along. Therefore, Turkey-based designer Sarp Susüzer has come up with a very compact and lightweight solution—the Tabla compact camping grill.

Tabla camping grill concept

Inspired by swivel and cauldron grills’ convenient-to-use surfaces, Tabla is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Moreover, it offers better portability due to its convenient design. This circular-shaped grill basically comes attached to a trekking pole. So, you can easily carry it on the solid trekking pole that comes with it.

Tabla Compact Camping Grill Attached to a Trekking Pole

Furthermore, it is very easy to use. All you need to do is pull out the circular grill from its vertical slot and insert it into the horizontal slot. Now, stick the pole into the ground for around 30 cm. This is how you can set the fire under the grill and do the cooking on the grill’s surface. When you’re done, simply take out the pole from the ground, let the grill cool off, clean it, and again put it back on the trekking pole as it’s supposed to fix while trekking.

We love its minimalist yet innovative design aesthetic, which makes it great equipment to carry with you while heading to a picnic or a camping/trekking trip. It’s small, and the company layout does not need gas. Instead, it works on the charcoal fire. It means you don’t even have to carry a fuel tank with you. Furthermore, you can easily use it in any outdoor space, such as your backyard, beach, park, or any campsite.

Since this portable grill is in its prototype phase, for now, we are not sure when it will be available for sale. However, its design is very impressive, and we would like this camping grill to be available commercially soon.

Setting up Tabla Compact Camping Grill

Tabla Compact Camping Grill

Via: Behance

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