Presenting The Arsenal Of All BBQ Utensils – The Tactical BBQ Apron

Entering the kitchen or your BBQ space during a BBQ party or luncheon is no less than entering a battlefield. After all, you have got to fill the plates of your guests continuously and tackle the kids running around at the same ease.

So, in order to excel is all these and have the meat turn out tender and succulent, you need all your equipment ready and in hand. This is where the arsenal of all BBQ utensils – the Tactical BBQ Apron comes in handy.

Featuring a cool Molle system, this apron is not your regular apron but something which promises to turn every layman into a coveted BBQ grill master. You would be pleased to know that the Tactical BBQ Apron has been made from cotton fabric and has two large pouches apart from three smaller ones. And that’s not everything – the front and back portions of this apron has removable Velcro patches, with the front side featuring medium and large pockets to stuff in all the condiment and utensils required for grilling meats and vegetables.

The best thing about this apron is the word ‘Chef’ that is embedded right at the chest – it clearly declares who the boss of the party is! You can get your Tactical BBQ Apron from Think Geek for just $34.99.

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