7 Essential Tools You Need for Your Summer Barbecue

Summer is the best time to show off your true master grill skills. However, you do need some essential tools to cook up those saucy kebabs or grilled veggies. There is no need to invest in expensive or fancy gadgets. But all you need are certain reliable accessories to help you with BBQ grilling.

From easy-grip tongs to simple items that make grilling meat and vegetables a simpler task, most barbecue accessories come with a reasonable price tag.

Here is our list of the 7 summer barbecue-approved grilled tools for grillmasters:

1. Oxo Tongs

Tools for summer barbecue

These are lightweight, and easy-grip 16-inch tongs to keep your hands away from the grill heat. It provides you more control over the food that you’re grilling, without any hassle. When you are not using them to grill, they also function as a great tool to flip tomatillos and blistered chiles or picking braised chicken legs out of boiling braise.

Price: $15

2. Spatula

Tools for summer barbecue

Heavy-duty metal spatulas are also as important as tongs for grilling. You must look for a long spatula with a lightweight body that’s quite easy to maneuver. The Weber spatula is wide-angled for easily flipping delicate fish fillets or burgers.

Price: $33

3. Metal Skewers

Investing in metal skewers that are reusable than wooden skewers is a wise decision. Moreover, you don’t have to soak them in water for sometime before using. These stainless steel (12-inch) skewers come with an easy-to-grab round handle at one end and are long enough to hold many vegetable and meat pieces for serving one person.

Price: $17

4. Baking Sheet

You need good rimmed baking sheets for arranging all the ingredients you need to grill. The rimmed edges are designed to keep every ingredient in one place, whereas the metal surface is very easy to sanitize and clean. It even fits perfectly within a standard-sized oven.

Price: $18

5. Cast-Iron Skillet

Tools for summer barbecue

We understand the problem when all your meat juices are dripping on the flames and causing more smoke around the cooking area. But if you use cast-iron skillet while cooking, all the juices will stay in one place without creating a mess or excessive smoke all around. Moreover, a cast-iron lid on your skillet helps in even heat distribution.

Price: $20

6. Chimney

Tools for summer barbecue

The chimney is essential while grilling to get the coals going without the need of any other light fluid – as no one likes their food to catch the smell of gasoline. You can use it by simply packing the bottom with old newspapers and the top with coals. Now, ignite the paper to let the coals burns for grilling.

Price: $38

7. Grill Brush

Tools for summer barbecue

After grilling, comes the cleaning process. So, you need a good grill brush for cleaning food residues and grill stains. The grill brush from GRILLART consists of stainless-steel bristles that won’t break off or bend. Hence, this product is going to last for years. The three rows in this brush are effective to get it in-between grates and to clean off the crusty barbecue sauce or burned cheese.

Price: $14

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