Traeger Brings New Timberline Grill With Built-In Touchscreen Controls

In this digital age where technology is present in every part of our lives, grill machines are also becoming part of modern-day high-tech solutions.

Recently, Traeger, a brand behind some best-selling grills, has come up with a new version of Timberline wood pellet fired grill with built-in touchscreen control. With their new upgraded grill machines, the brand is aiming to offer a smarter cooking experience to today’s grillmasters.

Timberline Wood Pellet Grill With Touchscreen Display

The Traeger Timberline (880-square-inches cooking area) and Timberline XL (1,320-square-inches cooking area) grills come with ample cooking area to prepare large steaks with ease. These reworked grills feature the previous versions’ Wi-Fi range along with a new touchscreen display for better control.

According to Traeger, their new full-color touchscreen display provides better temperature monitoring, guided onboarding, and regular maintenance checks.

Traeger Timberline Grill Control Dial

The new grills maintain the company’s forte for offering super-precise temperature control. These new models also make use of the smart combustion system with smart sensors. Therefore, you get a precise cooking environment to offer constant cooking while avoiding any flare-ups.

Furthermore, the dual-wall insulated construction helps in maintaining the grill’s interior temperature. So, it does not get affected by the outdoor temperature changes.

Timberline Offers Precise Control

To be precise, the Timberline grill can control temperature up to 500 degrees and comes with a wireless meat thermometer. The meat thermometer with the companion app enables you to precisely control your food from anywhere you like.

Besides that, the grill is completely customizable with adaptable surfaces. It also boasts a special Pop-and-Lock Accessory Rail to help you organize racks, shelves, and storage bins the way you want them to be.

Traeger Timberline Wood Pellet Grill

No matter whether you like to prepare smokey flavored brisket or sauteed veggies, the new Timberline grills are perfect to meet the needs of any outdoor cooking enthusiast. After all, it’s crafted with perfection to offer precise results every time.

Pellet Grill Features

  • 10 kg capacity pellet hopper that can be emptied by pulling a lever
  • Large grilling space
  • Remotely set and adjust temperature with your smartphone
  • 3-tier adjustable grill grates
  • No need to worry about fire flares as the food is cooked using indirect heat
  • Timer function
  • TFT touchscreen display with selection dial (functions are selectable using display/dial)
  • Pellet sensor that monitors the wood pellets and displays remaining pellets (in percentage) on dashboard screen


If you like the new touch-control panel of this brand new grill, you may consider purchasing it on Traeger’s online store starting at $3,500. It also comes with various add-ons, which you can buy separately.

Food grilled with Traeger Timberline Pellet Grill


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