Tristar Bamboo Grill Makes Outdoor Cooking More Portable & Easier

Tristar Bamboo Grill.

Have you felt how frustrating it is when perfectly cooked meat, fish, or vegetables fall through the grilling grates? Not anymore, if you have Tristar Bamboo Grill with you.

This is a tray-shaped BBQ grill for preparing healthy, tasty meals with your family and friends. The best part is its lightweight, portable design that would easily fit on any table.

Since it boasts a minimalist yet elegant design, this portable grill is likely to be the focal point of your next small BBQ party. The table grill features a stunning bamboo casing to impress the guests. Plus, the combination of grilled and Teppanyaki enables you to virtually make any meal easily and quickly.

Tristar Bamboo Grill

Super Compact Electric Grill

Just because it measures only 51 × 25.4 cm, there will be enough space on a dining table for everyone. Unlike conventional grilling units that are heavy and need a lot of preparation work, this small grill makes things easier than ever before.

We understand that you don’t like to get too occupied in cooking after inviting your friends and family for a barbecue get-together. Therefore, this compact and less time-consuming BBQ bamboo Grill is the perfect match.

Thermostat Temperature control dial of Tristar Bamboo Grill

Conventional grills are technically hard to operate. Plus, they require too much effort for cleaning. You even have to wait for a long time for a hot charcoal/grill for cooling down. Later, you have to plan for the cleaning process. But none of this is an issue with Tristar Bamboo Grill because it is an electric grill.

Tristar Bamboo Grill

The food is heated by 2000 watts embedded electric heater powered by a 5-pin plug connected to  the home AC outlet.

By looking at its simple yet practical design, you can figure out that the unit is quicker and easier to use. Plus, much easier to clean after use.


Do you want to make this small grill part of your family gatherings? If so, you must consider buying it for €65.99 (approx. US $68.71).

Griddle of Tristar bamboo grill

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