Tupperware MicroPro Grill lets you prepare BBQ food in a microwave

Tupperware MicroPro Grill

When we think of barbecue, instantly, a huge grill and backyard or other outdoor environment come to our mind. But we never think about a microwave when preparing barbecue meals. However, Tupperware MicroPro Grill is about to change that. It is a small microwaveable container that can easily turn your microwave into a BBQ.

Using this container, you can easily grill meat, fish, and most any other type of food in under 20 minutes – that too within the comfort of your home. There’s no need to set up an outdoor barbecue system, now you can enjoy delicious barbecued food indoors.

Tupperware MicroPro Grill

This container works by having chicken, beef or fish placed inside the container and then you need to place it within the microwave for several minutes. Its stainless steel design directs heat to the base where it starts searing meat in to create the perfect finished taste.

Although the food will not taste anything like something you cooked up on the wood-fired grill in the backyard. So, it won’t contain any smoked flavored, if you like that. But for those, who enjoy the taste of burgers, steaks, and kebabs cooked on an indoor grill, it may be a good product.

As mentioned before, it comes with a stainless steel build. This durable material shields food from microwave while redirecting it to the cooking plates on both the contain;s floor and the lid. This way food cooks from both sides at the same time.

It measures 10.7 x 9.8 x 2.4 inches and comes with a volume capacity of 1.5 quarts. So, it’s large enough to cook a big slab of steak in just one go.

Available now on Amazon, the Tupperware MicroPro Grill is priced at $144.99.

Tupperware MicroPro Grill

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