Don’t Fall Under Trap – The Turkey-Made Mangal Is A Mere Stool In The Garb Of A BBQ Pit

Designed like a plush and handy BBQ pit, the Mangal – which translates to barbecue in Turkish – is a stool to sit on and NOT a barbecue or fire pit as one would assume on the first notice. So, if you were keen on adding fun to your outdoor BBQ parties with the Mangal “BBQ pit” to cook on, it is more of a disastrous news to you.

Mangal is a plush new creation of a Turkey-based designer studio named Cisim Design. The designer duo Erdem Isler and Emre Ozucoskun are the creator of this innovative stool. While most of us are put off by the fact that it is a stool and not a barbecue pit, it does have a stylish outlook and comes with the double utility of being a storage. The hollow of the seats allow you to store various types of items, including food items. Moreover, the seats are removable and are available in various styles and designs. It gives you the liberty to change its top portion as soon as you get bored with one design.

Mangal is made of solid wood and comes with the dimensions of 32cm x 37cm. It comes in two colors – maple and American walnut. It may not really serve as a BBQ pit but it is surely a great way to add some extra yet stylish sitting space in your as well as add an extra space to your home. And you get all of these at a price of €750 (approx $857). The best thing about it is it was also exhibited at the Milan Design Week, 2015, at Ventura Lambrate.

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