Twist Barbecue By Palazzetti Rotates 360° To Simply Change its Position

You all may be aware of the famous dance form ‘Twist,’ which originated in the 60s and revolutionized many dance patterns. But you must be wondering why are we talking about a dance form on our BBQ page today. Well, this is because our today’s feature – Twist barbecue by Palazzetti is similar to this dance in terms of flexibility and how easily it changes its position for ease of cooking.

Designed to bring a breaking point or revolution in the world of outdoor cooking, this barbecue is able to rotate to 360o for maximum convenience to the users. It enables the users to simply rotate it with a simple gesture to change its position. Moreover, it allows them to cook different types of meals on a plate, on the grill, or vertical by radiation.

Twist Barbecue

This space-saving grill is made entirely from thick steel, which is further painted at high temperature. It comes with a large wood door for stowing the logs for igniting the fire for a few hours when you want to enjoy family time outdoors. It can even work with charcoal, giving the possibility to the users to choose any type of fuel they prefer.

Twist by Palazzetti is a high-performance barbecue unit that is perfect for homeowners living in a small apartment or a limited space. This small unit can easily fit in a patio or a small outdoor space without any hassle. Furthermore, it’s zero-maintenance, has a small footprint, as well as dishwasher safer. All these additional features make it a perfect grilling unit for the changing climatic conditions and urban homes.

Sadly, there is no information about its pricing and availability so far. We can only wait for an official update for now. Until then, you can look for equally interesting barbecue designs on the official website.

Twist Barbecue

Twist Barbecue

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