Ultra-Compact Fuego Professional Grill for Cooking in Small Living Spaces

Over the past few years, the living spaces are becoming smaller in size due to the increased focus on minimalist living. But living in small apartments means you cannot enjoy barbecue sessions like in large backyard or garden spaces. For people who lover barbecued meat but can’t enjoy grilling session due to their small living space, Fuego Living has solved the problem with their ultra-compact Fuego Professional Grill. This small grilling unit is ideal for grilling on any small balcony, patio, deck, or backyard.

Designed by industrial designer Robert Brunner, the grill comes with 525-square-inches of cooking surface (combined with a 415-square-inches of main grilling surface, and 110-square-inches of warming rack). The cooking surface is large enough to prepare around 20 burgers at once.

It even integrates a burner system (26,500 BTU), which is able to raise temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit for faster cooking. This allows a good control for customized cooking and preparing recipes that need to be cooked at high temperatures. For instance, it’s a great cooking device for preparing meats, veggies, and even pizza.

The grilling unit is powered by a propane tank that’s integrated into its base for making the structure look neat and compact. There is also a door clasp in the front panel for adding fuel and to avoid any messy rattles. The unit also contains advanced residue removal system for letting all dust and cooking debris drop directly into the residue tray.

Fuego Professional Grill also includes a hinged lid that’s adjusted at an angle of 45-degrees to avoid coming in contact with fire, unlike other gas grills. Moreover, you can place a beer can or chicken can on the space 9-inches below the hinged lid. All these practical characteristics make the Fuego Professional one of the versatile grills available on the market today.

You can get your hands on the grill for $499 and enjoy smoked meats or veggies even in your small dwelling.

Via: Trendhunter

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